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We lost.. by RosieSrey We lost.. :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 0 Overtime by RosieSrey Overtime :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 0 Quinn the Journalist by RosieSrey Quinn the Journalist :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 1 Did we win?? by RosieSrey Did we win?? :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 0 Quinn and Chantelle~ by RosieSrey Quinn and Chantelle~ :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 0 Parker and me~~ by RosieSrey Parker and me~~ :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 0 Basketball game!! by RosieSrey Basketball game!! :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 0 Brand New Door by RosieSrey Brand New Door :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 2 4 Never Apart by RosieSrey Never Apart :iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 2 3
I just want this pain to end...
I can't keep this up anymore...
I keep lying to everyone...
Keep saying I'm okay...
But in reality...
I'm far from okay..
I'm far from bent...
I'm broken into a million pieces...
So broken,
that no one can help...
Maybe that's for the best...
I don't want anyone to help...
To make my problems theirs...
I don't want that..
I would rather suffer on my own,
than ruin other people's lives...
No one can heal my cuts...
My scars are forever..
But I'm not...
I'm just forever broken...
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 4 8
Chapter 14
August 23, 2015:
Sunday morning, feeling pretty good, the plan is that I go home today. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I want to go home, but not see anyone who's at home. Except my mother. My brother probably thinks I'm crazy and my dad won't help anything in this whole situation. They went to Great Falls and bought a new gun safe, I'm sure so I wouldn't have access to the firearms. Mom told me like it was a good thing but I know it's because of me. The funny thing is they probably don't know how I really intended to do it. Firearms were the back up plan if plan A didn't work. It doesn't matter, I'm trying not to think about that stuff now. Danielle came and visited me yesterday, which was nice of her. She is the only one apart from my family that 
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 0
Chapter 13
August 21, 2015:
So it turns out I'm clinically depressed. Majorly too. I wrote a note intending to give it to my football coach to more or less explain why I skipped out of practice today. I didn't end up giving it to him because I didn't see him. I got up this morning, showered, got dressed and headed to the soccer field. I ended up staying there until about six at night. I had lunch at the Dash-In at 3ish but apart from that, I was there all day. I think my coach called the house to find out why I wasn't at practice and my dad tried to come and get me. I wouldn't get in the car with him and he sent mom to come and get me. She picked me up and took me to the practice field. And instead of going and practicing, I gave her the note. She took me to the emergency room where I am now and they told me I'm majorly depressed. So I get to spend tonight and possibly tomorrow night here in the hospital. They haven't given me any kind of medication or any counseling yet, I'll
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 0 1
Chapter 12
August 20, 2015:
So I didn't write it down last time, but I was considering suicide. I had it all figured out how I would do it and everything. Get myself a balloon and fill it with butane. Then breathe that in. Quick, painless, clean, and almost 100 percent effective. Obviously I didn't but I came really close. The only reason I didn't is because I had some help. Danielle started texting me partway through writing what I thought would be my last journal entry and I couldn't just stop texting her once I more or less suggested what I may have done. She could've gotten worried and sent the ambulance to my house and ruined my plans. So I kept talking. Ha! I just reread my conversation with her and it's pretty pathetic for an anti-suicide conversation. I don't even think she really knew what I was considering. I just thought that my texts had to have conveyed as much emotion as I felt. Not even close. It could totally have been just a conversation between 2 friends at the mall. Doesn't mat
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 0
Chapter 11
August 8, 2015:
Today I confirmed what I more or less already knew. I'm not good enough at soccer to play competitively at the college level. We had a three on three tournament today in Bozeman. And got wrecked. Three on three is a lot faster paced than eleven man because of how small the field is. Thought that would be great for me. I dribble really close to my body and accelerate at a decent pace. Quick cuts and explosive movements are great for three man. That's what I'm good at. And I wasn't good at it. We played 4 separate teams and 3 of them beat us. 2 of them by mercy rule. I scored twice in the entire competition. Sure, I knew I have a terrible shot but these are not hard shots. The furthest possible shot would be a little over 20 yards. Into a 4 by 8 net. So basically, my shot is beyond terrible, my dribbling is about average, my passing is under average, and I'm not that fast. All together, a sub par midfielder. Oh and defense is about average. So slightly under average defen
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 2 0
Chapter 10
July 28, 2015
My dad and I more or less just finished trying to figure out how to fix me. Nothing is any better. He basically just told me that I have to change pretty much everything I've decided about life. And didn't tell me how. Or what to change it to. Or really why to change it. He really just made everything worse. He confirmed that he and mom think I'm not mentally sound. And then told me how wrong I am and always have been. But didn't tell me why. I'm pretty sure he is upstairs on the computer trying to find ways to prove me wrong or searching for mental health doctors. I feel like he doesn't even know what to do with me. Sort of like if he was in my shoes, he would feel the same way. But he also feels like he would "get something done" or "figure myself out" or whatever. I don't feel like there is anything to get done or figure out. We talked about commitment to sports and stuff and how my commitment to swim was pretty poor and how it could set me up for failure in the future
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 1
Chapter 9
July 23, 2015:
So I got some venting done. Didn't really help. Don't really know what would help. Still suck at conversations and general social skills. I'm going to bed.
:iconrosiesrey:RosieSrey 1 0


Random art on a Japanese textbook  by Leffu Random art on a Japanese textbook :iconleffu:Leffu 3 0 Unnamed character  by Leffu Unnamed character :iconleffu:Leffu 2 0
Now I know I got some problems that need to be dealt with
But I can't fucking solve'em when my mind's too fucking hellish
I've got The burden of monster, living under my skin
Trying to be good for her but instead I live in sin
wake up to this nightmare, I've always been there
I shouldn't really care, but instead I'm still here
I'll try to be strong, if its the last thing I do
Am I doing this all wrong, Why aren't I like you?
I know i fucked up, couldn't be human enough
Always acting touch, pulling from every touch
Thank God for the green, or else I'd be much more mean
instead I'm trying to stay unseen.
I'm wigging out, my body doesn't feel like home
But I just shut my mouth, pack a bowl and get stoned
keeps me from killing everything in sight
No voices in my head but my thoughts keep me up at night
My demons are gone but I got a lot running through my head
Still paranoid that everybody fucking wants me dead
I'm waiting for something to fucking happen
Might break into a murder-spree or
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 5 0
Cutting Days
Do you remember those days?
I sure do.
The days where I'd wear long sleeves or armbands no matter what the weather.
cover the scars with tons of make-up
Make up stories about the cuts on my arms or legs
"The cat did it"
"I got it shaving"
"I fell in the woods"
Stupid excuses like that.
I remember the days
when people would whisper when I walk in the room.
The days when people called me a freak
or a emo
or a attention whore
or a psycho
just because I cut myself.
I remember the days
That I'd hide my razors
clean the blood off the floor
wash my bedsheets late and night so no one saw.
I remember the days
when I couldn't sleep without cutting myself
I couldn't think without cutting myself.
The days when my life revolved around self inflicted injury
I'm sure we all remember those days
whether you did it for 6 months or six years
whether you cut 4 times a week or 4 times a day
whether you cut deep or shallow
we all remember these days.
I also remember the day when I decided it wasn't worth it
:iconsolitarychild:SolitaryChild 95 72
Mature content
Get over it or kys :iconbrodskales:brodskales 2 0
Jumins by VoxKitty Jumins :iconvoxkitty:VoxKitty 63 3
I love you guys...
you'll guys will always make me feel special. ;w;
:iconcreepycaleb:CreepyCaleb 1 2
Dreaming... freeriding...
You look in the glasses on the building opposite yours... you see the mountains covered in snow... your eyes linger there, unable to get back to your work...
...up in the air... and then down in the snow, a white cloud blurring your sight for a second before you shot out of it, down the slope... turn on the left then on right, left again... jump ahead... up in the air, wold rotating around you, skiies crossed under you... ground is coming closer and closer... bump...! A cloud of snow rising again as you land, taking your breath away but filling your body with adrenaline and joy... turn right and left, tree ahead, turn right, left... another jump lies ahead, the slope is going down... again up in the air and falling... until snow meet you again in your enbrance before you shot up away, down the slope. There is no time to think, only time to act... time to go down, eyes for the slope, body full of adrenaline... this is living...
Someone call, you move your head... why I'm in a office? It
:iconnightdreamer09:NightDreamer09 1 0
Nephilim by LilifIlane Nephilim :iconlilifilane:LilifIlane 644 113 Masked MAtt and Steve by CreepyCaleb Masked MAtt and Steve :iconcreepycaleb:CreepyCaleb 2 0 Herobrine and Creepy Caleb by CreepyCaleb Herobrine and Creepy Caleb :iconcreepycaleb:CreepyCaleb 2 0
most fucked up poem I ever wrote. XD
Everything has gone to chaos
For those who spend their time in jail.
There's nothing really that you can do
For they already rot inside their cell.
There's weird noises going around
What is inside of that Inn?
Hearing screams and also a shout
As glass shards dig right in your skin.
People in trees that have been burnt
Some were ripped and some were hanged.
As zombies come and pop out of graves
They're always hungry for you brains.
Songs of pain and songs of death
Life is long and life is short.
There's nothing I can do to help
As this story has alot more.
You cannot escape our wrath
as demons rip out your skull.
you start to bleed and start to cry
As you hear the wolves howl.
People scream in pain and agony
you feel them pulling out your bones.
covered in stitches and also scars
as you hear the ghosts and ghouls moan.
Life is short.
:iconcreepycaleb:CreepyCaleb 1 0
Drowning In Thoughts by MakaylaTanku Drowning In Thoughts :iconmakaylatanku:MakaylaTanku 8 9 Ghost [Speedpaint] by Jaasp Ghost [Speedpaint] :iconjaasp:Jaasp 24 6
I think this is just a dream
But I'm always scared
I just wanna scream
This is only a nightmare
You cannot escape from this hell
Because your in darkness
Can't break the spell
As you start to become bloodless
You feel a little sad.
You have so much distress.
You then start to get mad
As you slowly become depress.
:iconcreepycaleb:CreepyCaleb 1 0



If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, my name is Chantelle Lingle. I'm bored af. Thanks. ☺️☺️
Well, I got some big news. I got kicked out. He he... well, I need to figure out how to get to school, do sports, and go to prom.. *sighs* wish me luck.
So I just found out that I have posted 101 DEVIATIONS!! Wow!! ^^ I never thought I would have that much in such a short time~
Just picked out my prom dress, now I have to find shoes. No heels! I swear, if my sister requests that I wear heels at my senior prom, I will flip. XP If I do wear heels, I'll be taller than my date. lol
Maybe I'll just wear Converse. <3 Love'em!!
So yesterday was my birthday. Finally 18!!!

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´¶¶¶$$$$$$$$$$$¶¶¶´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶´´´Put this
´´¶¶¶$$$$$$$$$$$¶¶¶´´´´´´´´´´´on your
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´´´´´´´¶¶¶¶¶¶$$¶¶¶´´¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶´´you love

The girl you just called fat?
She is over dosing on diet pills.
The girl you just called ugly?
She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her.
The boy you just tripped?
He is abused enough at home.
See that man with the ugly scars?
He fought for his country.
That guy you just made fun of for crying?
His mother is dying.
Put this as you're profile if you're against bullying.
I bet 95% of you wont put this on your profile, but I'm sure the people with a heart and backbone will.


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